Our Approach

Our Services

To properly serve the unique needs of the mid-market businesses in our target market and the investors they will be speaking to, Base10 provides a different approach to investment research.

Easy to Understand, Independent Reporting

You don’t need to be an industry expert to read our research.It’s easy to read and understand for the average investor.This leads to improved decision making.

In-Depth Research & Analysis

Base10 has the expertise required to evaluate management’s ability to effectively execute and deliver their projected results.This depth of analysis is critical with the typical companies we research.

Investment Offering Advice

In addition to producing a research report, Base10 gives clients advice aimed at improving the investment product for investors and increasing their own probability of successfully raising capital.
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The issuing companies we work with are very good at speaking the language they use to run their business.They are not typically great at speaking the language that investors need to hear.Base10 translates a company’s information to allow for effective communication with investors.