Investment Offering Advice

At Base10 we believe we have a responsibility to help our clients successfully grow their business and protect the investment they have made in their venture.

We go beyond simply producing a written report. Base10 takes clients through a process that asks difficult questions, challenges them to see their potential investment through the eyes of an investor, improves the investment offering and positions it for better success.

Our ideal clients often have a range of unique needs:

  • They need help telling their story in a way that investors need to hear it.
  • They need advice on how to structure their investment so that it is a fit with their business model, with their own financial needs, and most importantly, with the expectations of investors.
  • They need objective advice. Our clients typically need to focus on running their business and need validation that they are headed down the right path.

At the conclusion of Base10’s process, clients are empowered to deliver confidence to potential investors knowing they have addressed the questions investors will want answered.