The reason you, as an investor, will choose
to make an investment is confidence.

post-1The Challenge

The typical challenge faced by investors in the private capital markets is getting enough information to feel confident that you are making a smart, informed investment decision.

Investors face three main challenges in obtaining information they can trust:

1) The limited amount of information that a private company chooses to disclose conflicts with investors’ desire for transparency.
2) Investors have very few resources to verify what is provided or to seek additional information in an efficient manner.
3) The commission structure paid to financial advisors creates a potential conflict of interest that makes it easy for investors to distrust the information provided to them.

Making an investment decision requires confidence. Investors gain confidence from having access to information they can trust to base their decision on.

The Solution

Base10 believes that giving investors the confidence and trust necessary to make a private investment is best accomplished by providing an independent, in-depth source of investment research and the transparency and validation that it delivers.

Why Base10’s Independent Research Matters to Investors


Independent Validation

Information given to investors by a company or their investment dealer is easy to distrust knowing the potential conflicts of interest that exist with those that typically provide it.

Base10 believes that giving investors access to independent investment research that is free from conflict of interest provides a means to validate information that may not be seen as trustworthy. The result is increased confidence to make an investment decision.


Enhanced Transparency

The limited amount of information typically made available makes it difficult for an investor to feel confident that they have all the information they need to make an informed investment decision.

Base10’s independent investment research provides in-depth information and analysis, and the transparency investors need to make investment decisions.


Increased Trust

The absence of liquidity to quickly exit a private investment magnifies the need for advisors and investors to trust in the information provided to them. Base10 believes that Independent informationproduced by recognized experts is one of the keys to building trust with investors.

Increasing confidence and trust will have 3 important consequences:

1) It will allow investors to make faster, better informed investment decisions,
2) It will give investors the power to protect their best interests, and
3) It will increase investor confidence and willingness to participate in the private capital markets.