Our Ideal Client


Our Ideal Client

Base10’s ideal clients are private companies seeking to raise $5 million to $25 million of private equity capital. They are of a size where they are speaking to an audience that may includeretail investors, but they would also like to target sophisticated high net worth and small institutional investors.

The management teams of these companies typically need to focus on running their business and therefore don’t often have the expertise necessary to be familiar with the process. They may not have a clear understanding of what investors will want to see from them. They have a unique set of needs as typical mid-market businesses.

Given their size, the amount of capital they are seeking and the fact that there is very limited publicly available information about them, they also have distinct challenges in gaining the trust and confidence of investors.
Our clients’ unique needs and challenges are best addressed when Base10 begins working with clients as early in the process as possible and often when they are just beginning to consider raising private equity capital.