Our Story

Base10 Investment Research has evolvedout of Base10 Capital Advisors as an opportunity identified by Base10 in response to the evolving needs of our client base and the ongoing evolution of the private capital markets.

folio-9Base10 Capital Advisors was founded in 2009 as an independent consulting firm whose sole purpose is to help investors in commercial real estate assets protect their investments. We do this by empowering our clients with information that enables them to make smart, fully informed real estate investment decisions. Our client’s best interests always come first.

At the core of Base10’s services has always been expertise in research, due diligence, financial analysis and business strategy.

As Base10 Capital grew, we found that our clients were often in need of raising private equity capital to support their real estate acquisition and development activities. Given the changing dynamics of investment markets, we knew there would be a need for a sophisticated approach that would enhance our clients’ credibility and opportunity to succeed.

In response to this need, we expanded our services and began using our financial and investment expertise to help position clients so that they would be ready to approach investors, speak the language we know they want to hear, and make a winning first impression. The challenge came in finding a way to address this need, while holding true to our core principles.

At Base10 Capital, we’ve always viewed protecting investors as one of our core post-6responsibilities. That means we do not use compensation structures with our clients that would compromise the integrity of the information we produce for investors. We are not in the business of raising capital and do not want the conflict of interest that commissions or success fees would present.

After much research, the answer became clear and this was to fill what Base10 sees as aneed for quality, in-depth independent investment research that serves the unique needs of private, mid-market companies seeking equity investment in the private capital markets. We believe that filling this need will help increase the efficiency of the capital raising process, allow Base10 to continue to protect the best interests of investors, while also addressing our clients need to raise capital.

Base10 Investment Research was therefore formed to address a strong need in the private capital markets for a source of independent investment research that provides the level of quality and sophistication needed to gain the trust of high net worth, family office and institutional types of investors.