Trusted Expertise

We Are Proud To Be Your Trusted Advisor

Base 10 Investment Research is a trusted and relied upon resource for 4 major investment groups. We facilitate the decision making process to help our clients:

grow their businesses,
grow their investment portfolio, or
help their clients grow their portfolios.

Quality Research For:


a. High net worth investors
b. Family offices
c. Other institutional investors.

Base10’s research is trusted and relied upon by these types of investors to facilitate their investment decisions.

Issuing companies

Our research and advice is also trusted by businesses to provide them strategic advice that will improve their investment offering and its probability of success.

Exempt Market Dealers

Our research is relied on by Exempt Market Dealers to expand on their own internal due diligence efforts when added industry and investment expertise is desired.

Financial Advisors

Base10’s research is also is also trusted by Financial Advisors as an independent, expert source of information that is used to validate investment advice given to clients.